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Ask Away!

What if I get hurt?


Sport Accident Insurance is coverage for sanctioned practices and games. This includes items such as dental, physiotherapy, accident reimbursement, accidental death, fracture indemnity, rehabilitation indemnity, tuition fees reimbursement, emergency transportation benefit, and eyeglasses or contact lenses expense. SBC Insurance must receive notice of the accident within 30 days of the incident by completing the claim form—all documentation associated with the claim (i.e. must be submitted within 90 days of the accident).

For claims after July 31st, 2023, please download and complete the attached claim form (Policy #: SLE00848) and submit it to SBC Insurance at Please ensure that Physician’s Statement is completed, and any receipts are attached.

When does the season run

Outdoor starts Mid -End of April and runs until the end of August'

When are game times?

Games start at 6:45 PM. Early and late season games may end early due to light.

Where are games played?

Games are played at Marshal Fields or McDonald Park in Vernon. Some Masters Division games are played in Salmon Arm at Little Mountain or Blackburn Park.

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